Local Activities

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Details on local activities are in the Housebook and some of the wide range of things to do locally are listed below.


We can provide 6 bicycles (with optional child seats).

There are also routes that start from Montoire covering circuits of 20, 28 and 42km, Route descriptions are available on the Montoire tourism website at *http://www.otsi-montoire.fr/sites-touristiques--places-of-interest.html


The Montoire tourist office has details of guided walks. There are also maps with footpaths marked on them.


There is a 'plan d'eau' in Prunay where fishing is permitted.

Children's Playground

Our local playground is situated by the plan d'eau in Prunay and a much larger one beside the Montoire swimming pool.


There is a 9 hole golf course in Chouzy.


Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air balloon trips can be taken from Amboise.


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