Loire Valley


The Loire represents the point at which the French climate begins to become southerly, yet it is under a day's drive from any of the Channel ports.

It takes us just 4 hours to get to La Chapelle from Le Havre along attractive unfrequented roads. You can also use the channel tunnel or ferries and autoroute via Paris and take the Amboise exit (approx 5 hours).

The conventional reason for visiting the area is to see the châteaux with their fine parks and gardens, yet in addition we have been amazed, whilst staying so often, at the variety of our surounding countryside.

La Chapelle is a 40 minute drive from Amboise and Tours so you are near enough, but not too near to be overrun by other tourists. Also you will have the delightful valley of Le Loir, which runs through Montoire, almost to yourself.

There is now a fast TGV train service from Paris to Tours and beyond. It reaches Vendome from Paris in a remarkable 42 minutes and Vendome is 20 minutes from our house. Thus trips to Paris are now very easy and make a good day out.


The climate of the Loire basin benefits from the proximity of the sea. It has mild, if rather damp, winters. Spring arrives early and this is a time when the valley is probably at its best - it is this mild climate that has made the valley an area of vineyards, arable farms, nurseries and horticultural gardening.

It tends to be hot in summer but September is a good month with relatively fine weather. Being a popular tourist area this is an ideal place to spend spring & autumn holidays.

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Regional Tourist Information

For full details go to the excellent Loire Valley website (in English) at http://www.vallee-du-loir.com/en/bienvenue/. Please note, this is for the Loire Valley. For the chateaux along the main Loire go to http://www.loirevalleytourism.com.

There is a large box of brochures and maps etc in our house and the local Tourist Centres are very helpful both in Montoire and Chateau Renault.


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